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Boardroom Automation

An automation system makes it possible for virtually everything in your office or business to work together, from lights to thermostats, TVs to projectors, audio systems to communication, and much more so your ideas of control can be as unique as your business.

Video Conferencing

A boardroom or conference room stuck in the old century surely can’t meet the efficiency, productivity, and elegance of a boardroom integrated with the most up-to-date systems modern technology has to offer.

AV Hotspot combines artistry with technology to create graceful solutions for enhancing your business or home and lifestyle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your family deserves the best so you should hire the best. Choosing AVHotSpot shows how much you care about you and your family’s new home. Through our service plans, you and your family’s entertainment system will be up and running at it’s peak performance for many years to come. Why wait? Call us today to see how we can help.