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Residential Services

New Homes & Remodels

Working with the right home builder or contractor is crucial when building your home if you expect the project to be handled professionally and be completed to your expectations. Working with the right Custom Electronics Integrator is equally important. Your integrator will be part of your life for many years to come

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Home Theater Packages

We have carefully and meticulously designed amazing home theater packages for every budget. Even our base level package will provide excellent picture and exceptional sound. Each package can be customized for you! All packages include equipment and labor for a standard installation in rooms that have already been wired for sound. Pricing will be provided for custom installations.Sales tax is not included in the package price.

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Home Automation

Life is simpler when all of your smart home products work together.

The whole concept of Home Automation may seem overwhelming. Where do you start?

You’re starting in the right place and with the right company.

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Audio & Video Calibration

When you bring home that prized new plasma, LCD or DLP TV, your set has not been optimized for a home viewing environment. Manufacturers calibrate these televisions to look best in the open, bright spaces of a retail store, set at high levels of brightness, contrast and color that do not translate well into the typical family room.

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Maintenance Service Plans

Now that your system is installed, it’s time to consider a maintenance service plan to cover the times your system needs updating, you change cable providers or things simply stop working. Our maintenance service plans are designed to keep your system running smoothly year round and saving you money in the process. Plus, with certain plans, you get big discounts on Control4 lighting & thermostats.

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