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Residential Service Plans

Protect Your Investment

Maintenance Service Plans

Now that your system is installed, it’s time to consider a maintenance service plan to cover the times your system needs updating, you change cable providers or things simply stop working. Our maintenance service plans are designed to keep your system running smoothly year round and saving you money in the process.

If it’s time to upgrade your Crestron system, now is the best time to do it. Sign up for any one of our service plans and instantly receive a 15% discount on upgrading your system controller to one of the latest Crestron system controllers. You’ll notice faster response times, more music services to stream and many other fantastic features!

Other great benefits include

  • Discounts on labor for onsite service calls. Worry Free Maintenance Service Plans Houston
  • free onsite support. great for regular maintenance
  • free software upgrades to keep your system running at peak performance
  • after hours phone & remote support
  • emergency same-day service calls. perfect for those times the system unexpectedly doesn’t work right before your party
  • auto rebooting system & self healing internet failure.

Service plans start at only $9.99 per month and include unlimited phone support and offsite remote support!

The human eye is designed to absorb the colors, contrasts and brightness levels that occur the natural world. Therefore, the more lifelike the images on your HDTV, the less work your eyes have to do. We’ll help ensure the lowest amounts of eyestrain in the space where you watch your HDTV, in all lighting conditions and at all times of the day.